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Oyster Bar Wins James Beard Award For Iconic Design


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The James Beard Foundation has announced the finalists for the 2017 Restaurant and Chef Awards. Last month, the Foundation announced its semi-finalists which included repeat nominees like Mark Ladner, Gabrielle Hamilton, and Ghaya Oliveira, as well as newcomers like Dianna Daoheung of Black Seed Bagels....

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8 Bars to Visit If You Loved the Campbell Apartment


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New York City's beloved, historic Campbell Apartment has closed, leaving many despondent barflies pining for the elegant, refined atmosphere that the Grand Central Terminal institution offered. The bar will reopen in some shape or form in the future, but the future iteration will likely be a far cry from what it once was.

Fortunately, there are other drinking establishments in the city that offer a like-minded environment to the Campbell Apartment (one is even in Grand Central Terminal). Here's a list of where you should go for a drink if Campbell Apartment's closing has got you down... Read More

The most iconic and famous restaurants in NYC


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It may be sacrilege to say it, but it seems that the legendary 96 -year-old Grand Central Oyster Bar, located in the epic and gorgeous hub that shares its name, is running on fumes. The surly countermen at the mile-long bar (the best seat in the house) are part of the charm, but the fishy lobster roll, overly breaded fried clams and ketchup-tasting pan roast are not. Play it safe—and classic—with a reliably awe-inspiring platter of iced, just-shucked oysters (there can be a whopping three-dozen varieties to choose from at any given time, from Baja to Plymouth Rock) and enjoy the vaulted-ceiling view. As long as the station is abuzz and the oysters good—they are—the other food is really beside the point... Read More

Everything you need to know about the ultimate aphrodisiac


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Welcome to Oysters 101: Everything you need to know about one of the ocean’s tastiest bivalves. You can roast, bake, fry, or broil them, but slurping oysters fresh from the sea is the best way to enjoy them at their peak freshness.

Read on to learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about oysters, from how to buy to how to shuck and eat them—plus, whether they really are the ultimate aphrodisiac.... Read More

The World Is His Oyster: Chef Sandy Ingber of Grand Central


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Affectionately hailed as "The Bishop of Bivalves," Executive Chef Sandy Ingber has been overseeing New York City's most famous seafood institution, the Grand Central Oyster Bar, for 26 years. "We serve seafood that's as fresh as the day itself. I know as I personally get up at 2am to go the fish market and buy it," says Chef Sandy, an affable gray-haired guy who sports a baseball cap as often as he does a chef's toque... Read More